Boat Lifts

If you are on this page, you probably already know that the best way to store your boat when it is not is use is to lift it up and out of the water. Our boat lifts are designed specifically for your boat type and dock design to ensure you have the best overall experience for docking, storing and maintaining your vessel. 

Types of Boat Lifts

We offer multiple types of boat lifts depending on your application and preferences. All of our lifts are built using the highest grade materials, construction and assembly practices which results in a boat lift you can trust and rely on.

4-Post Lifts

Our 4-post lift is our most popular type of lift due to the versatility and weight lifting capabilities. Our 4-post lifts range from 8,000lb capability for smaller boats up to 24,000lb for larger vessels. Our 4-post lifts come with direct drive motors which results in lower maintenance over the life of the lift and more reliability by eliminating the belt drive system most commonly used on this type of lift.

6-Post Lifts

Our 16,000lb and 24,000lb 4-post lifts can also be designed as 6-post lifts for certain applications that may require it. Our 6-post lifts use the same design style as our 4-post lifts, including direct drive motors. Typically this type of lift is used when you have a longer vessel that requires a longer cradle than a 4-post can handle. The 6-post allows for a much longer cradle which gives added stability for lager vessels.

8-Post Lifts

Our 8-post lifts are designed for extra heavy loads ranging from 32,000lb to 40,000lb. These lifts have direct drive motors at every corner and we can build the cradle to fit boats up to 16′ wide.

PWC / Skiff Lifts

These small lifts are an economical and practical option for storing your small watercraft. These lifts can be installed on an existing piling on your dock or it can be installed in conjunction with your larger boat lift so you can store multiple vessels at your dock.

Custom Builds

We are not your average “one-size-fits-all” type of company and we realize that certain applications can require custom work and fabrication. Cobalt Marine Construction has the experience to build pretty much anything you desire as long as it is within the building code.

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