Seawall Construction Services

Cobalt Marine Construction specializes in high quality, superior seawall construction using industry leading products and materials. All of our seawalls are designed and engineered to withstand the severe weather, storm surge, high waves, and erosion that pose a threat to your property and our coastline every year. From small residential to large commercial seawalls, we have the experience, equipment and personnel to tackle your seawall project.

New Vinyl Seawall Installation

Our most popular option; our high performance vinyl seawalls come with a 50-year manufacturer warranty against corrosion, UV damage, rot, and marine borers. Most importantly, we back all of our new seawalls with our own 25-year workmanship warranty giving you the ultimate peace-of-mind knowing your property will be secure and protected for decades to come.

Seawall Repairs

Depending on its condition, your existing seawall may be able to be repaired. Our team is experienced in all types of repair work and can assess your existing wall to see if a repair job may be right for you. Seawall repairs commonly include caps, tie-backs, well-point drains and/or grouting eroding slab joint seams that are typically the cause of washout and erosion behind the wall. Keep in mind that repairs can prolong the life of your wall but are not always a long-term fix compared to a new vinyl seawall.

Rip Rap Installation

Rip rap is a great solution for stabilization and erosion control on existing and new seawalls. Our 2:1 slope ratio rip rap adds a natural look to the front of your seawall while substantially reducing the wear and erosion that naturally occur over time.

Raising Seawall Elevation

Upon our assessment of your existing seawall, home and yard elevation, Cobalt Marine Construction may be able to raise the elevation of your new seawall which will provide more protection from storm surge, rising sea levels and other natural disasters.

Span Beam Installation

Span beams are used when you have a pool or plan to install one in your existing or new construction home. By adding span beams where the pool will be located, your pool contractor will have a clear canvass to dig without the worry of damaging your seawall tie-backs or anchoring system. Span beams are a common application for many of our customers and our team, along with our engineers, can design the perfect solution for your needs.

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